It is with a heavy heart that we add this information. Per our contracts our pups are to be kept in a GOOD AND SAFE ENVIRONMENT. This is for both physical and mental/emotional health. If we find that there is even a SLIGHT chance that there may be something happening with a pup we are well within our contractual rights to require and execute random wellness checks including but not limited to: Animal Control inspections, photo proof with written date (ie on paper) pup and owner, controlled/recorded visits and more. Our priority will always be the health and welfare of our animals and for that we will push as hard as necessary to verify their environment in this type of situation. Thank you for your understanding. Please read contracts thoroughly as this is part of the contract for a pup.

All contracts — unless otherwise agreed upon — are required and legally binding for ALL puppies. Please review the contracts carefully and in full before puppy deposit is placed as they are non-refundable. Thank you!

We provide all contracts at time of pickup – 1 copy for you and 1 copy for us.

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