Puppies get shots/deworming between 7-8 weeks of age and require 2 more sets after re-homing. Please view the payments page for pricing info.

Havanese require a large amount of attention/interaction — Before sending a request for a Havanese please read the Havanese Breed Info page. By requesting to be on the waitlist for an AKC Havanese you agree to being able to provide the pup with the necessary attention and interaction to keep them happy, healthy and safe. We will NOT re-home to a place where the dog will be largely on their own for extended periods of time (excluding your working day). They are not an independent breed. 

AKC Havanese (Bristal)

  1. Denise C. (POL 2) — Male
  2. Nandini S. — Open
  3. Meg R. — Female

Daisy Dog (Fiona)

(Designer Breed=Bichon/Shih-Tzu/Havanese)

  1. Norman S. — Open
  2. Alice D. — Female
  3. Gabriella F. — Open
  4. Michael K. — Open
  5. Tom L. — Open
  6. Mary C. — Male
  7. Robert L. — Open
  8. Darlene C. — Open
  9. Brett B. — Female
  10. Emily W. — Open
  11. Wendy L. — Female
  12. Ashley D. — Open
  13. Jordan S. — Female

Waitlist Request

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