litters are usually 9ish months apart depending on the moms heat cycle. Puppies get shots/deworming between 7-8 weeks of age and require 2 more sets after re-homing.

Both moms are currently resting for a cycle so the next litter will be in 2021 most likely the beginning of the year.

Havanese require a large amount of attention/interaction — By requesting to be on the waitlist for an AKC Havanese you agree to being able to provide the pup with the necessary attention and interaction to keep them happy, healthy and safe. We will NOT re-home a Havanese to a place where the dog will be largely on their own for extended periods of time (IE you are only home a minimal amount and the dog stays home or you are gone every weekend and the dog stays home). They are not an independent breed and it requires lots of effort, consistency and professional training to get them to a place where it would be okay to leave them on their own as independent (IE self feeding, self pottying when you are gone, self entertainment etc). If you are looking for an independent breed the Daisy Dog would be the best fit that we offer however they do still need consistency and training if you plan on them being mainly independent.

AKC Havanese (Bristal)

  1. Dominique H. (POL) — Male
  2. Miriam S. –– Male
  3. Stephanie C. — Female
  4. Bharathi S. — Female/Open
  5. Shana V. — Female
  6. Mikaela F. — Female/Open
  7. April G. — Female
  8. Leticia H. — Female

Daisy Dog (Fiona)

(Designer Breed=Bichon/Shih-Tzu/Havanese)

  1. Denice C. — Boy
  2. Carolyn G. — Female
  3. Norman S. — Open
  4. Alice D. — Female
  5. Gabriella F. — Undecided
  6. Michael K. — Open
  7. Tom L. — Open

Waitlist Request

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