Havanese Breed Info

Bailey (the dad) has received his OFA results and they came back normal. As Bristal is pregnant she has to wait for her test.

It’s important to know that grooming is needed for the Havanese.

For anyone in the surrounding area needing a groomer check out Peace, Love and Paws here https://www.facebook.com/SherylsDogGrooming/reviews/?ref=page_internal Sheryl is Excellent!!

The long, soft, and silky coat of the Havanese needs to be groomed daily to be kept free of mats and tangles. This can be done by gently running a comb or soft brush over the dog while he is on your lap. Pet owners often choose to have their dog’s coat clipped to a short trim to reduce grooming time. The Havanese should also be bathed occasionally as needed. The corners of the eyes should be gently cleaned daily to prevent tear-stain of the lighter-colored hair in the area. Check the ears often to remove excess wax or accumulated debris, and wipe out the inside of the ear-flap with a slightly moistened gauze or paper towel.

Angels’ Eyes can be purchased to also help with tear stained eyes.

They are hypoallergenic.

The Havanese are intelligent, outgoing and fun loving companions. They are cheerful little dogs with a need to please and be on a lap. They are extremely social dogs if trained Properly as naturally they take longer to warm up to new people than some other breeds. They are good at outdoor activities but love just lazing around the house with their people as well.

Please be aware the Havanese REQUIRE lots of attention — If they don’t get the attention they need they can become clingy, hyperactive and even revert to a non-potty trained state. These are by NO means independent dogs unless fully trained from a puppy that way. By this i mean if you are with them you cannot ignore or neglect them as they will lash out unlike independent dogs unless otherwise trained. They are most at peace when being loved, talked to or just being next to you (touching you of course).

This is the best site for info on the havanese. It will have a wide range of information there from grooming to health. https://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/havanese/

By requesting to be on the waitlist for an AKC Havanese you are agreeing to being able to provide the pup with the necessary attention and interaction to keep them happy, healthy and safe. We will NOT re-home a Havanese to a place where the dog will be largely on their own for extended periods of time (IE you are only home a minimal amount and the dog stays home or you are gone every weekend and the dog stays home). They are not an independent breed and it requires lots of effort, consistency and professional training to get them to a place where it would be okay to leave them on their own as independent (IE self feeding, self pottying when you are gone, self entertainment etc).

If you are looking for an independent breed the Daisy Dog would be the best fit that we offer; however they do still need consistency and training if you plan on them being mainly independent.

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